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Leslie Fish

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Lyrics to Hello! Remember Us?
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Hello. Remember us, The ones you left behind When half the Earth was burning, And all the sky was blind? You lords of wealth and power Who made the missiles fly, Remember how you hid yourselves And left us here to die Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello. Remember us? No doubt you shed a tear Before you took yourselves below And left us standing here. Now aren't you pleased to see us, So many still alive? Or did you hope to find a world Where only you survived? Hello. Remember us? We sure remember you! Remember how our world was And what you brought it to? And when the dead were buried, The dust all cleared away, We set ourselves about your door And waited for this day. Hello. Remember us? It seems we're hard to kill. Though more than half were slaughtered, Then enough are living still. And if now we don't obey you, Why should you find it strange? We lived this long without you, And we see no need to change. Hello. Remember us? We swear that this is true. Whatever world remains through us, It will not go to you. We know what dreams you harbored. Come kiss them all goodbye. Come up and claim your kingdom now. Come out, stand up, and die. Goodbye.

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