Lyrics to Hell Yeah
Hell Yeah Video:
She likes the boys in the band I'm moving fast as I can Sliding over in her direction Pause to check out my reflection She's wearing all the right clothes The jam is playing on the stereo Checking emails on her phone She got more hits than the rolling stones Hell yeah so young and fine Could she be the one my baby I'm gonna make her mine At least for tonight Hey ya'll I gotta know Did she get my number maybe You tell her blow me up I'm one call away, hell yeah She's everything that you need The kinda girl we all dream of Long legs never stop Like all those videos in zz topp She got the stars in her eyes And she don't mind if you tease her Can't get her outta my mind Can't you see she put the freak on me You know it hurts when she looks so bad Can't you see you're the best thing I never had I'm walking out the door before I act like a fool (She's not that cool)

Songwriters: JONES, STACY
Publisher: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
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