Lyrics to He'll Welcome Me
He'll Welcome Me Video:
I'm returning to see Jesus
and I know that he will welcome me
he has primosed to prepare a nation
there I dwell through all eternity

I'll keep singing as I go
I'm sometimes having faith in ?
but I know he'll be there
the savior so fine

he'll welcome me to my home over there
yes he will 4x
say he'll take, he would bring
when he'll be
he'll be there when I come to die
take me to my home up high
he'll welcome me to my home over there

you know sometimes in the midnight hours
I lie awake with sorrow tears
I get thinking about how I suffered
in this world for so many years
But I call my God on high
I know he'll hear my feeble cry
I know my Lord, will welcome me now
by and by, I know he will

yes he will 4x
when you feel good
when you come home
you can sing everything
everything child will be the same
he'll welcome me 4x
yes, to my home over there
Songwriters: CRAIN
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