Lyrics to Helium
Helium Video:
What precious flowers fill the space behind these eyes
What cloudless skies stretch out beneath this floating dream
What dizzy fear of waking before the touch

With a mind like helium, he drifts through strange images
The past and the future are joined and spinning
An endless cycle of tension and release
Clutching at the ether
Something, anything to hold on to
To keep him steady,
To save him from the constant danger of falling in all directions
And never finding an edge that he can call real

Stranded in an infinite spiral of broken thoughts
And a chaos of light
He searches for the doorway that will lead him to this other world
But he has already attained his goal
Has already reached his destination
The taste of fear has never been so strong
It trickles into his mouth, gaping with awe

And ecstasy, like a cushion of pins and needles
Pushes inward from all around him
Is this the freedom of absolute conciousness
Or the captivity of confusion
Still, though all has been revealed
There is much left to know
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