Held Against You Lyrics

Abandoned By Bears


Lyrics to Held Against You
I see you falling far behind
Without taking any time
To tell me all about the things you’re struggling with

You’re letting everybody down
Using all our precious time
Falling into phases
I rest my case, yeah

That’s the way it goes when you got nothing to show for yourself
And I will keep on letting you know about it
Maybe this is hard but I know you won’t get far
And everything you said will be held against you

All the time we wasted
While you always make things so complicated

You’re losing all the things you have
To make a point just to make us mad
But you won’t get inside my head

You’re slowly running out of time
You’re losing grip, you’re losing ground
You should’ve known

Keep on blaming everyone else

At first I hardly knew you
Now I see right through you
It’s funny how things change

But first things first
Yeah I wish you the worst
And you’re better off forgotten
You’re nothing but good for nothing
Good for nothing
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