Lyrics to Heel Turn 2
Heel Turn 2 Video:
Get stomped like a snake
Lie down in the dirt
Cling to my convictions
Even when I get hurt

Be an upstanding, well-loved man
About town
In your child's mind that's
How it goes down
But I try the losing side

I don't want to die in here
I don't want to die in here

Drift down into the new dark light
Without any reservations
You found my breaking point

Spend too much of my life
Now trying to play fair
Throw my better self overboard
Shoot at him when he comes up for air
Come unhinged
Get revenge


Stay good under pressure
For years and years and years
President of the fan club
Up there choking on his tears

Let all the trash rain down
From way up in the rafters
I'm walking out of here in one piece
Don't care what comes after
Drive the wedge
Torch the bridge

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