Lyrics to Heavy Heavy
Heavy Heavy Video:
I can't breathe, I cant hold my heavy head between my knees,

I'm a big mess. draping my hands on the back of my neck,

And theres not much else to do but keep pullin hair,

and its getting rough.

Harder then it ever was before.

And i thought everything was all figured out. All this religion, all this zen, it's all just bull shit.

So Im gonna need a mirror,

and razorblades like Richie,

or maybe some heavy heavy pills,

just enough to mess things up.

Yeah, it's all going down hill from here.

So how about a moment for my redemption?

because everything's just fine, straight line,

but I'm drowning.

I'm drowning.

Heavy Heavy can't sleep this off,
no late night talks,
im always stuck alone in my head,
maybe thats why im so selfish.
but with or without you
Im drowning
I'm drowning

So I'm gonna need a mirror,
or razorblades like Richie.
Or maybe just some heavy heavy pills...
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