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O Desolation

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Lyrics to Heavy Heart Breather
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my girl she has dark brown hair,
she colors her eyes in thoughts,
red tight tshirt and a heavy heart
beauty is not in the eye of the beholder,
because she's beautiful regardless, I swear

and I told her she's got to be happy,
I said without that there's just no hope.
I'm so directionless,
and you just cant fall from grace.

My girl she has chocolate eyes,
she colors my lips in love,
red tight tshirt and a smilin mouth
shes creative even though she says she not,
she is all mine, she's all I want, I swear

and I told her she's just got to be strong,
I said life just couldnt penetrate such soft skin.
I'm so calloussed,
and you're the only hope I've got.

She breathes deep,
and I breathe it in.

and I told her not to be so trusting,
I said I'm no wolf but I aint no sheep.
I'm just thankful that you trust me.
truth is youre the reason I'm singing.
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