Lyrics to Heavens
Heavens Video:
(Across a broken sky
A grimy sky of loss
I hear your lies
While dull inquiring eyes
Hush the witness)
One day I was kicked out of home
The banks blocked the money I had
Then I was kicked out of my town
To make room for new dreams to break
A few days later, all my friends
Became strangers and told me
I had become a hateful person suddenly
Started ignoring me... nameless guy
And the judges separated me from my family
Saying that I had to resign myself
So I was frisked, arrested, interrogated
Finally, one day I was kicked out of my country
As I was told that my culture was subversive
Then I was stuck in a city I never saw before
There I had been banned
While I was looking for some relaxing place
So I kept on making music with few tools left
Trying to speak 'bout my feelings and a world
That couldn't be here, now
But I was even denied doing that
As they said my music was so disgraceful and bad
For this smart society
Then, the listeners started thinking
That they are able to talk for me
So I was denied speaking
And they want to take away any memories
From my tired mind
But no matter because I've the heaven
Unless God is like you...
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