Lyrics to Heat It Up
Heat It Up Video:
Turn the headphones up, ey
Had me do the hooligan boys.

Bitch we got the city on lock, I got this shit sewed up
I'm like summer time in July, I'm 'bout to heat it on up
I swear I stopped hearin' these niggas trying to shittin' on us
I don't respond, I'm like Ciara to that shit, so what?!
I was born a man and my son gon' know his father a legend,
I do not fuck with these niggas, keep 'em out of my presence
All of these niggas perpetrator like they not really livin'
Boy, you are just the entertainer you remind us of Cedric
I'm with them knucklehead niggas and they don't like to listen

Them boys gon' heat it up quick, tell them go like ignition
Gon' heat it up, them boys gon' heat it up

Let me talk my shit, I'm on my own dick, no condom but it's a lifestyle
Ball hard, you a light foul, doin' this since lights out
Amnesia to my old bitches, ooh like I don't know niggas
Papers please, no swishers, far as legal fees I need four digits
Always got a judge comin' for a nigga cause I'm livin' like a hooligan
In my hood so gentrified, niggas keep the white movin' in
Like yikes, put 'em on ice
17-5 for a walk through, bitch I might double my price
Shout out to Young Chop and all them niggas from around my way
I swear we do not give no fuck about the shit y'all say
I'm still rapping a fucking ave like my downtown days
I'm been coming for niggas heads, it's a new found phase

Behind closed doors niggas do not war with the kid
But shit I'm like government aid, come get that shit how you live
Truly, don't do me, I overdo me, no Nudies
These Acnes on me, hurt my hip it's fucking tight as a toolie
How they accuse me plagiarizin' shit that no one has heard?
I guess that's just excuse for you to put my name in y'all words!
I can't relate to y'all, y'all soundin' like a whole lot of talk
I fuck around and run up on you on a new IO Hawk, uh
They bark loud that RARA, we do beef like Five Guys
TIDAL gang, I'm HIFI, shout to Emory and Tata
I'm ROC Nation like woah Nelly,
Chi money and my woe Lenny
Molly wop, nigga no Fetty, that ain't Soldier Boy with the gold tell me
Flow deadly, yea so deadly, heat it up, I'm 'bout to heat it up
Flexin' on her from the balcony, we what's up, my nigga, we what's up
Know these niggas got it out for me, shit I would too if I was you
See the game, get what we do, nigga free Trae not Trae tha Truth
Ain't you heard I'm jackin' beats? 2015 Ice Cube!
Bonjour to the fuck niggas on Complex tryina hike views
Show out to Newark, fuck with your boy
Fuck 12 like triple four
In a Bimmer, used to whip a Ford
Jig is up, I'm 'bout to set the score

Heat it up, I'm 'bout to heat it up
Hah! Got him
Heat it up I got to heat it up
Flow deadly, yea so deadly
Flow deadly, yea so deadly
Heat it up, I'm 'bout to heat it up
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