Lyrics to Heartless
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[Verse 1 - Illogic]
Everything is happening faster than reaction time
Bipedal's tried to run before their crawling fine
Change is what you make of it
The cusp is where that action grinds
Never be too arrogant to recognize the battles neigh
Concentrate the battle cry infiltrate the ladder climb
You always said that you were partisan, but tell me where your heart has been
Now you're trying not to cry but cried wolf a thousand time
So you stand alone when the revolutions televised

Simpleton with Ritalin candy addiction glamorized
Failure is a virtue when it's bottled up and advertised
More conformed with every lie more confused with every try
But you don't want to start again so tell me where your heart has been
I am where the sky mates with the cityscape
Horizon is my resting place, scuba when the levies break
There's nowhere to run when ego chooses to annihilate
Try to take a chance if you can stand where the piranha wait

Where they congregate to feast and dominate
If the truth can make you cringe tell me where your heart has been
Sanity unstable as the shifting plates the Earth in cases
Hide vanity with grace to relish in the look on your face
Shattering the foundation placement of each mask you make
Laughing at the lack of competence in each step you take
There's no hope for clean slate if the mirror intimidates
Love isn't a part of him so tell me where your heat has been

Creeping up the mountain touting Lightning rod and tackle box
Hope to hook a destiny to offset the after shock
Vigilante movement master silence as the Vatican
Humble with perfection here to crumble the establishment
Cynicism Diligent you drip with empty promises
Sun is on horizon though the path you made is Ominous
Peace is in our hearts with every spark your spouting evil
Attempt to build your Idles on the backs of people
Monetary malfunction Melancholy Focused
Force feeding fear till living legacy is hopeless
Breathing is a burden herding laughter of the prominent
Called to action Lungs filled with passion till were Dominant

Vibrate the elders with vigor till they wake up
Remove the mask you hide behind no time to fix your make up
Whos going to save you when the sky falls
It only takes an open heart a prayer and a phone call

There's an MC in the van
There's an MC in the van
Great, another black rapper

[Verse 2 - Illogic]
Systematic relevance of basking in the lime light
Progression is a burning bush each consequence is finite
Tomorrow is an open door protected by your hindsight
Forge ahead with fore site just be conscious of the brake lights

There's no accident all that happening for you tonight
You rocked you favorite Cardigan but tell me where ya heart has been
Quality control awarded stamping of approval
The Flight you boarded doesn't have the comfort that you're used to
You feel so out of place you find a pace and hope is sooths you
Quasi Queasy stomach easy turbulence so brutal
Twists and turns abundant all the pendants hope they lose you
And find someone your smarter than to tell me where your heart has been

I am where the lightning flashes speaking to the masses
What you see is what you get no rosy colored glasses
Faith Full coverage Liable protect from ego crashes
Signal flair alert the family structures burned to ashes

Novice mastered round of applause from thunder clapping
Trying to find that spark again but don't know where your heart has been
Came to earth to go about the business of my father
Perfection is impossible, forgiveness is the mantra
Avoiding the divisive that try to divide and conquer
By injecting the distractions of the all mighty dollar
Can you be my brother no matter the color of my collar?
You're talking the right talk let's just hope you have a heart
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