Lyrics to Heartbreaker
Heartbreaker Video:
Verse:If I knew you were goin to break my heart I would have never got with you from the start. You gave me alot of heart pain and lies. But now its over I'm saying good-by Chouse: You aint nothing but a heart breaker You told me lies chaeted a gang of times. Now you can pac your bags and dont come back couse I dont wont you no more. hot fudge verse: Look baby I sorry for what I did But baby plese give me a other chance. you are my haert and my soul. What I did was wrong But please baby dont leave me alone. 3flvors Chours: I'm sorry for give me For my lieing and cheating. I would nver do it again but baby please be my man. MH verse: I cant take you back your a heart breaker and thats I fact Caramel: Baby I refuse to leave you you my world and I wont no one but you. MH: Then you should have not did me wrong. Chocolate:But im sorry come back home. MH: I cant so pack your bags and go.(scream) MH chours: You aint nothing but a heart breaker. you told me lies cheated a gang of times now its over i'm saying good-by(x3)

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