Lyrics to Heart Of Sticks
Heart Of Sticks Video:
Oh tree you're taller than me
And greener on the side
Oh clouds are you looking at me now
Are you looking down at us on our sides

Oh air you're sweeter than me
I can feel you now
Old moon do you have a spare room for my love I'm sending out
Please take care of the heart you're taking there


Nobody's got your heart on their sleeve like we do
You were getting old, the sun was setting down on our sides
Seems like I was leaving you
Those final weeks when I moved out with photographs,
Dishes and sheets and that's when I said,
It's time for moving on
Your heart was not so strong
I took you walking where I memorized your steps and colors
Will they last me for a lifetime?
You'll never leave my mind
You'll never leave my mind

There are places in the land where we let go of you
Called the ocean and the sand
Best place you'd been to
I made you a heart of sticks and set up your favorite view
Seagulls over island sands and herons on the dunes

You're running in my heart aren't you
You're running in my heart aren't you

Woooh oooh
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