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Lyrics to Heart Is A Heavy Load
Heart Is A Heavy Load Video:
Well it's a slow moving car baby
Feels like I'm getting nowhere
Got the top pulled down to catch the wind
Blow the smell of you out of my hair
Well I've never been very stable
Seems like wherever I am it won't be for long
And I just don't know what I'm after anymore
Cause what I thought I knew was right couldn't be more wrong
You were a high wall to climb baby
And I never quite got over you
Yeah I knew all along I was slipping down
From the bottom of your heart and into the deep blue
Sometimes it's hard just to hold the wheel
But I'm keeping my eyes on this road
For my heart is a heavy load
So I might just have to leave it with you
Everything that I want to do
Comforts me tonight
I been leaking my soul across your floor
Sweeping my dreams away
And even though I've been losing sleep
I'm just keeping my eyes on this road
For my heart is a heavy load
Better know I'm gonna be alright
Got a long way to go but I got a lot of long nights
And everytime that I think of you, I'm gonna play my guitar
And I'll sing a little happy tune
Yeah my heart is a heavy load and that's why pretty girl I'm gonna leave it on your doorstep
I don't need it where I'm gonna be, It's a big wide world and I'll get a new one for free......
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