Lyrics to Heart Attack
Heart Attack Video:
Let's go dancing on the night
Subway cars and neon lights
Cross the frozen streets tonight
Train tracks to the other side

Let's go spinning in the park
White caps and glaciers in the dark
When we reached the Southern Sea
You were shaking like a tree

You've got continents to cross
A thousand brothers you have lost
Though you did not hear a sound
From the horses underground

You're falling over in the train
Can't keep your feet, can't lose the pain
I have watched you break your back
What comes next, a heart attack?
Don't you know we've just begun
Keep your head up, hold your tongue
You're young!

You've got continents to see
You've got women who believe
But you could not hear a sound
From the horses underground

Under the skyscrapers!
Over the white!
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