Lyrics to Hear You
Hear You Video:
I don't want to dry your tears
You're in the shadows, you're always near
You're crystal clear
You give up half your life talking trash, up all night
Stake out the coolest girl, she smiles at you, weighs on the world
I could have lied to you, spineless, shrinking, tried and true
My forward paradigm, yeah, you'll have your truth, I'll have mine

I don't want to hear you out
I lay on the floor, you stomp around
And you fall down
I stand up on that stage
You sink your teeth, build your own cage
Wait for the coolest girl, you break her down, make her hear you out
I could have fought with you, forever and ever back through
Play your hand, cut it dry, yeah you'll have yourself, I'll have mine
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