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Who Cares

Who Cares

Lyrics to Hear You Breathe
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You told me that you just needed to hear my voice
And everything would be alright
So we talked all night
I told you stupid jokes and you laughed until it ached
When you fell asleep, I stayed up to hear you breathe
We never hung it up, that made us feel too far away
Even if I couldn't touch you, you would still be there with me
I used to walk you home from school and let you wear my favorite sweater
It made me feel important plus it'd always smell better when you wore it Every glance I took became a stare
I was enslaved by the cucumber melon smell in your hair
I thought I'd lost those kind of feelings for good until today
I thought that sunshine was only the bait set by the rain
But she just might be the right light to conquer the darkness
Or maybe I'll be worse than when I started
Love will tear us apart, but there's joy in our division
Not to mention it's the only reason I continue living


I don't know if I'm ready to reveal my true skeletons
Every single word out of her mouth is so intelligent
When she looks back at me, my legs turn into gelatin
I try to speak clearly, but my palms are feeling wet again
I don't know if she could ever really love the man I am.
If she really knew me would she stay and watch me bleed within?
She'll never understand me, she can't pierce my exoskeleton
I'll never get to kiss her, 'cause I'm not a vegetarian

It was the way no one can see me but you That made me understand I didn't have to worry 'bout the past
All I had to do was look into your eyes to see the truth
When you handed me a paper heart before we went to class
She loved the shitty parts of me
You just put up with the rest
You used to brag to all your other friends and say I was the best
Holding my backpack straps so you would never get lost
When you used to come with me to see my favorite DJs
We used to sneak into your room and hope we didn't get caught
At 4 o'clock in the morning, what would your step dad say?

I think I finally found someone else as good as you
Or at least she makes me feel the way I used to
I think that I could love again, if I could make it through the summer
But love is the bomb that tore my personalities asunder
See since we've called it quits
I've only failed in the past
She'll make me want to die if this doesn't last


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