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Lyrics to Hear Me Out
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Like an empty shelf
I'm the book in your hands
You could read my mind
In every line
I could see myself
In the depth of your eyes
When I opened up to you
I guess I should have realized

Wish I could see myself in anything
Now it seems nothing is everything
Every time I give in, I'm reaching out
You just won't hear me out

Just a single word
Every now and then, sometimes
It's not to be told
Between the lines
Like a broken spell
But a sentence to your eyes
If you only fill it in
Forgiveness is your price

[Chorus repeat]

In the end you'll find
It's a story never told
Never written down
By anyone
You can hear yourself
Like echoes down the hall
As you whisper my name
The walls come tumbling in

[Chorus repeat]
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