Lyrics to Headz Up
Headz Up Video:
It goes something like this,
Guess whos coming..

I've got a fake id like a secret agent to get in and out of here when the rhythem changes.
I'm a bad super hero,
I bring truth to the winners,
To the bruisers losers cheaters to the non- believers.

All the girls in the hood keep them high,
And the boys with the girls cant deny.
That the girls know exactly what is up.
Shake it all the way to the club

To all of my people,
Im sending a signal,
The secret is out.
Shake it shake it...
Dont need your permission
This is our decision
Were rocking this town
Heads up heads up..

Shut up and listen
All your talking makes my head explode to pieces,
This negative like recess
Cos theyre dying for my kisses.
So my legs have started moving
To the exit i cant stop me
And the djs getting ready to start rocking,
Do you copy?

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