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Lyrics to Heads Are Bound To Roll
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I had a dream I was up in space
I felt so weightless and happy
My favorite people were there with me
Singing songs and talking shit on others
My teeth were shiny and my clothes were clean
I even had a new hoodie
There was no violence cuz this was my dream
So vivid but I still forgot the ending

We've spent our lives being vocal
Opinionated with a dash of smarts and soul
And if you get in the middle
I'm telling you some heads are bound to roll

And in this dream I was everywhere
Asbury, Flagstaff, and Brighton
No sense of hunger or utter despair
And only dogs and cats were fightin'
We rocked together like we used to do
Our bones as new as a baby's
The Clash were there playing one final show
And I got sing Death Or Glory with them
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