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Lyrics to Head No Screws
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[Chorus: Lil' Ya & Yella Boy]

I got a head but ain't no screws in it
I went through a stage, some people call it a mental phase
Nigga, I got a head but ain't no screws in it
I went through a stage, some people call it a mental phase

[Verse One: Lil' Ya]

In the beginning' I was fuckin' with that gin
Wasn't smokin' no weed, wasn't even hangin'
With my friend's shit got bad
Started whippin' nigga's ass
Doin' flight's ever night wasn't even
Takin' bath's uhh, my boy's knew somethin' was wrong
Cuz everytime they see me slippin'
They would tell me
{ Hey dog what's wrong?}
So I would scat and go listen to that
Fuckin' Slu, full of that gin wonderin'
What the fuck to do, half of the time
I would hang on the corner,
Buy a pack of Kool's, get a bitch then I bone her
Go home and wash my dick and switch up my Dickie fit
It had to be black cuz I totted a gat
I'm doin' thing's out the ordinary
That shit was very scary
I was trippin' I was straight slippin'


[Verse Two: LIl' Ya]

Now my mind is fucked up and I can't think
Left that gin and juice alone
Got's myself a new drank
Started fuckin' with that clip, it took me on
Another extra strip, I had no fam plus it covered up
The tear's that I had inside when my Mama died
But I'm a man, and I'm real so I'm gone survive
I had a nine to five but I didn't need it
My record's sell's well
So why should I be greedy
So fuck it I'm a chill at home and watch my screen
Get full of that clip, fuck a bitch, a watch her scream
I'm goin' crazy and I don't know what the fuck I'm facin'
At Central Park I'm considered a mental patient
I'm picturin' bitches in my mind, I'm bout to scheme
When I start fuckin' they try to stick me with Anazeyme
Tellin' me I needed to calm my nerves,
But all the while all I needed was some fire herb
You heard the wzord Lil' Ya done got straight served man
I was chillin' people said I robbed Pat Swillen


[Verse Three: Lil' Ya]

Ninety day's done passed and all my charge got dropped
Collected all my commissary and I'm back to my block
{Now the scenery lookin' diffrent to me}
No more car's, no more girl's, I'm in a diffrent world
Facin' reality I got to start again
Like I said, can't fuck around with no friend's
Like Shawn Kemp, I 360 turned my life around
Went through a stage some people call it a mentally phase

[Chorus: x2]

[Yella Boy]

Say Ya brah, who the fuck is the president

[Lil' Ya]

Man, I'm the muthafuckin' president
Fuck Michael Gordon
Fuck the pink slip you used to emit me with
Fuck the doctor's who told me I wasn't gonna get better
Fuck the nurses, I used to fuck on the third floor at Charity
Bitch I was contra up there ya heard me
And last but not least fuck everybody that call me crazy
Cuz, if you fuck around and hang with me
Bitch you gonna be crazy to
Now Black, get my straight jacket and
Bring me to my muthafuckin' room
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