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separation could have been the death of us if i had only let it be.
anything more than a temporary discomfort.
while you've been away from me.
as 4 give in's parade.
and we break the evening shade.
what's arrived has come to late.
but hey... don't expect to feel safe.
he said girl there's no time ahead to worry about what was past.
she said i don't know how to say this but i think you're flying up too high.
he said well she could have done a whole lot worse.
and maybe she's just being nice.
but as you smiled and left i knew that something wasn't right.
maybe i should come down a bit.
it's the least i can do tonight.
if you could change the rules.
for a moment.
honestly how do you think atmosphere will react.
shake your hand.
dive in head first and reach the bottom.
to touch the ocean floor with only a few seconds of air.
stop my breathing forever.
and if you could. ask me.
just one.
about myself.
oh shit.
i think i could get into this.
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