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Lyrics to Haya Kele Africa
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Every time i think about African people situation

I remember grand mom saying:

"All this misery has no reason in a rich continent"

World develops trying new experiences

searching for a better life

But Africans are always contemplating

other people development

We know it's time for change

But change will never fall from sky

Haya kele Africa

(Africa must change

Africa is a continent with everything to

be the best. I believe in you Africa)

Sometimes it seems as we didn't understand

what is to be an African

We've got the essential

to be a proud and respected people too

'Cause we know we've got intelligent people

Good people we are

But you and i are sleeping while time passes by

Maybe for you there's no future in Africa

But i say the future is here

God gave us everything to be the best

It depends on you n' i

Haya kele Africa

(A new African

Ooooh I've got a blue

Haya kele Africa)

Don't change your culture be a new African


Just be a new African

Djuro birupan...

Yeah don't change your culture

Haya kele Africa

(This is for the new African

The one who's gonna change Africa.)



Haya kele Africa

Wake up


How many more tears for you?


When we talk about hunger and disease is always...


All the disgrace and shame are always on you


And we born and die in our disgrace Africa

It's time for change; it's time for change Africa


Oh wake up

This is Afrikkanitha's weeping


Yeah, yeah my Africa

I know we can prove we can do too

Oh it depends on you and I

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