Lyrics to Having Kids
They're gonna take your money
They're gonna break your heart
Gonna wake up quarter past one wondering where they are

They'll leave you second guessing exactly what you did
Ooh, having kids

Sometimes they're little angels
Then they're Genghis khan
They think that they know everything
Then they can't get their pants back on

That family in the picture ain't exactly what it is
Ooh, having kids

You might as well kiss goodbye
The feeling you might
Never worry about a thing

'Cause it's good but it's hard
When a piece of your heart
Breaks off and grows some wings

One more kiss, please, daddy
Before you say goodnight
The way she keeps on smiling when you walk her down the aisle

You'll take every heartache
'Cause it don't get better than this
Ooh, having kids

Ooh, having kids
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