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End On End

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Lyrics to Have You Ever Heard Of Victor Jara
Have You Ever Heard Of Victor Jara Video:
pt.1: music can be so much more than empty background noise it can be a vehicle for protest for mobilizing action it can stir in the heart a hope where there is none it can be a shout of no! in the face of persecution it can bring people together in common spirit it can unleash the pent-up energies of love and hate it can undermine and co-opt power giving a voice when before there was just silence music is not just entertainment music is not just pacification music is not just notes and words...
pt.2: bread and engines were never meant to go together smash them all down into little pieces recombine recombine combine from metal to anvil from anvil to fire steam trains and aeroplanes just don't fit electrify electrify electrocute elect to disdain both sides both sides from inside why devolve why evolve when we can go sideways? we can drive all day if you want to red angle red angle no pavement just go... just go...

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