Lyrics to Have Fun
Have Fun Video:
Part self, y'all
All in vibe mode
Eyes low in the booth
Quite often,
I'm lost in moments like this
So it's like that
Seconds of silence
Brief intimation
Deep intuition
Shots of clear liquor,
Toasted new adventure
Show off Mira Meiz's new invention
Daylight and twilight, sun and the stars
Snatch a root, spit these bars
Ray, what up?
Blaine, how we do it, this is righteous
Powerful music. Inside the cafe, women
With cashe, we show up, most respect,
That shine don't pass me
No folk idea with me
Homie, I chill with it
My other half, I bail with
Keeps my skills clicking, this bush
Known in the rap books as O-Sizzle
This fire's still burning,
While others tend to sizzle
What I does, what I do till my last breath
Take advantage of life because you can't cheat death
So have fun!
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