Lyrics to Have A Heart
Have A Heart Video:
It's been a while since I can remember
How long it's been since I last had feeling
Or even a fleeting action for everything in my surroundings
My heart is pounding for rememberence of the past
Oh my god, it's all coming back to me...

The rain poured hard upon my window
as I cried alone letting nature's crescendo
leave me as an abhorrent stain on the world
just like the tears on my pillow
Give me a chance for redemption
Oh, have a heart...

Remember how beautiful life was when we were young?
So carefree, never knew what would happen,
But now those days are gone
And like the words of a song, you still know them even if it's been a while
Since you last sang them
or hummed them

It's been a while since I can remember the feeling
Of being pure and wholesome, but not so innocent
Hell bent on rebellion
I'm changed now, and I don't let anything keep me down
Except myself
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