Hat's Off To Marriage, Baby Lyrics

The Wrens

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Lyrics to Hat's Off To Marriage, Baby
Hat's Off To Marriage, Baby Video:
chip crack a perfect Plaster
of what a man how big
white as bath soap, yellow fetch rope
like a me three times as big
compare your worth to riches
dick rani your kiss and tells
at others cursing, show no mercy
go home team, yeah! go to hell
hat's off to marriage, baby
hat's off to maiden names
marked as mrs. sex not kisses
how long you think you'll fan his flames
when truth comes a shake your trophies
that failed run woods and hide
live a type cast / take the cleared path
hold forth at cozy fireside
paint me / cback me / crawl me
i'm your woman / shave me / ball me
for your pleasure / pleasure / fear cure
homestead and pleasure / lonesome
your equal and hurting your namesake and all
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