Lyrics to Hatred Sow
Hatred Sow Video:
Slow it down, fill the brown, get with it or get out
A witch bregade could save the parade, God-dammit hear me out
Jigalo jack rabbit had a bad habbit, he loved the HATRED SOW
With a chin full of gristle and a grin full of thistle
He'll be whisteling dixie now, to the sound of

Na na na...

That big old hatred sow
Because she wished she was a princess
Her bloody dress it was a message, to the dead and the dying
A buccaneer for the rum
Why can't you let me get out, did you forget wash your mouth
Cause she'll spit and she won't ever quit 'til the red runs
totally out, the remedie is expired, and you're a toung tied liar
And everything I say and do is adding fuel to the fire thats burning

(progressive na na na's)
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