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Lyrics to Hatin The World
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Life is ugly like its always been, its not fair cause you dont always win. What you do comes back to you, so why even try to make it though? I do what i do even if it bothers you, it sure is fun when jocks make fun of you. If its fun its gotta be right, i do fit in but i fit in tight!

Everybody's different I'm sure you can, all the jocks here just dont like me. Its probablly cause i don't like them, or maybe its because we have nothing in common. I'm sure its nothing as far as i can tell, everything its pointless that goes on with ya'll. I don't have fun most of the time, the world is dumb like everyone!

I hate the world! It just wants to label me and you can do more than understand! You don't hate me! you're just jealous that you're not me, you can accept me for who i am!
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