Lyrics to Haters
Haters Video:
[feat. Shawty Lo, Roscoe Dash & 50 Cent]

[Tony Yayo:]
Fuck state greens, I'm tryna cake bitch
Quarter key, I ball a key blake griff
Jet ski, black sand, bad bitch
My passport need pages for the next trip
Fall asleep we got the cars that your ass dream of
Kush loud pack bet ya bitch blow some steam off
I keep the ruger under the rug beanies
Hoes here the rumors and they love me, love me
Fast cars, loose women, the high life
We bust bottles smoke weed all night
Hermeez cost as much as the gators sole

[Chorus x2: 50 Cent]
All we do is stunt and blow the paper, the paper
The balling make a hater wanna hate us, the haters
Can't take it when they see the money makers, we make a
Whole lotta money, whole lotta money

[Shawty Lo:]
Shawty lo I hear ya hating us
All that small talk I love laying up
Yea dey know, me and yayo
In the ny, hitting yayo
Bitch better have my money
Wanna gain up now it's steady as a diamond
Got the bitch naked like new jack city
Kinda remind me of monday in magic city
Bitch I'm shawty, bornhome shawty
Westsides on boy bankhead shawty
Bitch I'm with it, bought a whole ticket
And I got the whole gggggggggg unit with me, 50

[Chorus x2]

[Roscoe Dash:]
Attracted to the money like bees on honey
My swag on dummy, cash on runny
I'm way more than what you asked for hunny
Knock it all collection plate from the last 4 sundays
I'm I'll, hold the pills, my skill, is so for real
Watch the candy rain fall,
I'm on her brail, playas so real
I'm on a whole nother plato
Lean back back fat joe
I ain't got time to be concerned with you assholes
Status outrageous, I'm on to y'all haters
I'm so far ahead, I'm sitting down waiting
I feel your frustration for my very last statement

[Chorus x2]
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