Haters Intro Lyrics

Tony Yayo

GPG 4: The EP

Lyrics to Haters Intro
Haters Intro Video:
[Superstar Jay:]
You know what it is!
ThisIs50... G-Unit Records... Presents... Tony Yayo!
GunPowder Guru!
GPG... Part 4!
You know you had to bring...
Superstar Jay!
I ain't gotta say no more!

[Sample: Katt Williams]
"Live your mothafuckin' life!
You gotta get ya mothafuckin' hustle!
Understand niggas is gon' hate you... regardless!
Get that outta your head that fantasy-world where niggas ain't HATIN' on you!
You gotta be grateful, you need haters!
What the fuck is you complainin' about?
What the fuck do you think a haters job is?
So let them mothafuckas do their goddamn job! " [echoes]

[Movie Bites from "New Jack City (1991) ":]
[Gee Money:] Hehehehe! 'Ey, man! It's a brilliant plan.
[Nino Brown:]
But there's one thing that does concern me, though.
That curry-goat-eating skinny-ass, Fat Smitty.
He controls the brothers around the Carter, it's time to sing that fat bitch a lullaby!
[Keisha]: Rock-a-bye, baby!
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