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Lyrics to Haters 101 (Intro)
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[People talkin']

Nigga can i get out the car?
Wuts up wit u man?
Chillin' just came from my brothers cuzins mothers house
Say Wut?
Guess who was over there today?
Who that?
That nigga Chingy & dem get it boyz
Man I hate that nigger
He was over there runnin? he mouth flossin? Range Rover
Wit dem spinners
This nigger tellin' dem how he gettin' it over dem in bosten
We gettin' over here man I tap that ho ass
Who is dem lil punks he got wit him
they cant rap
Look I heard that nigga anit wit D.T.P. any more
That nigga stupied man that 'ol ass nigga
Ludacris got him right on his back
Sayin' he sold 3 million records
I just saw the billbord that nigga still at 300,000
hate that dude
[talkin' to Chingy]
Alright peace

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