Lyrics to Harry Potter
Harry Potter Video:
What's with these muggles I'm livin' with?
Kickin' me 'round for sport?
What did I ever do to these guys?
It's not like I'm Voldemort.

Woo-hoo, but here at Hogwarts.
Woo-hoo, I'm the magic boy.
Woo-hoo, just not to Malfoy.

Woo-ee-oo, Well my name is Harry Potter.
Oh-oh, and I am the Chosen One.
But then again, Nevelle also could have been one.
I don't care 'bout that.

Ginny, don't you fear, I'm always near.
You know where my wand is hung.
I know what gets you all Slitherin.
I'll slip you some Parcel Tongue.

Woo-hoo, And while school is in
Woo-hoo, How can class begin?
Woo-hoo, Cause Some one always dies

Woo-ee-oo, Well my name is Harry Potter.
Oh-oh, and I'm here to rock your world.
I don't care that the Darklord's here to kill me.
It's cause I am the man.
Kiss my Azkaban.

Pop! Pop! It's how we Aperate, It makes some sick, but not me, I'm great
Hope I don't spoil this for you
But it turns out I'm a Horcrux too.
I'm so cool and I'm so slick
I've been impersonated by a chick
Nymphadora, Nymphadora, Nymphadora Tonks
Has Polyjuice potion that they drunk!

You Can Death-Eat Me! (x2)

Woo-ee-oo, Well my name is Harry Potter
Oh-oh, and I'm the box office king
Other movies take me on, but with this curse they'll all be gone.
Avada Kedavra(x3)
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