Lyrics to Harmony
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Last night as I lay, asleep in bed
A fairytale came to my head
About a boy, whose soul was under-fed
And in the morn as I rose, frail and dazed
And the sun crept through my half-drawn shades, I
Rubbed my eyes, still amazed from dreaming

That I'd lived a life and made mistakes, and
Tumbled through mundane heartaches
And met a girl, who'd changed the stakes completely
And I'd traversed far through foreign lands, and
Held the truth right in my hands
And watched it slip, like castles made of sand

Well I met a girl, not long ago, she
Told me that my life could be so
Filled with passion, that I might overflow
She told me that thought was my crutch
And I was missing, oh so much
Then no more words, only gentle touch

And she taught me that life was not rehearsed
And dreams of better only lead to worse
And her boy e e, he spoke of thirst
And how we should take feelings first

Well I met a man, he said to me
That I should lead life cautiously,
Well I took his words down to the sea, and drowned them
Then with my life I set afloat
With a girl in mind on which to dote
Then deconstructed my own motes and drifted

And as my barriers came tumbling down
In the distance I saw the crown
Of enlightened living, no more ups or downs
But without my mind to lead the way
My course and soul, did drift astray
And I was borne, unheeded, against the waves

Well this girl she held me, tight and near
And told me I had much to fear
And for a moment, the world was clear, for a moment
She told that Truth was not trite
And held me up unto the light
But I can't get this story right, I'm trying

Cause the land I speak of is a land afar
And memories fade like shooting stars
And this song's my last lingering scar, and it's healing
And forever as I lay, asleep in bed
These thoughts will drift on through my head
Of this fairytale, this fairytale, I never wholly read
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