Lyrics to Harlem Nocturne
Harlem Nocturne Video:
Deep music fills the night
Deep in the heart of Harlem
And though the stars are bright
The darkness is taunting me
Oh, what a sad refrain
A nocturne born in Harlem
That melancholy strain
Forever is haunting me
The melody sings
Around my heart strings
It won't let me go when I'm lonely
I hear it in dreams
And somehow it seems
It makes me weep and I can't sleep
An indigo tune
That sings to the moon
The lonesome refrain of a lover
The melody sighs
It laughs and it cries
A moan in blue that wails
The whole night through
Tho' with the dawn it's gone
The melody lives ever
For lonley hearts to learn
Of love in a Harlem Nocturne
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