Hard Corps (Green Lantern's Light) Lyrics

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Lyrics to Hard Corps (Green Lantern's Light)
Young Hal Jordan was a simple test pilot
No matter what it was, he knew how to fly it
when one strange night he saw a light in the sky
and met an alien who was about to die
He was the protector of sector 2814
and he needed Hal to take his place in the corps
Green Lanterns protect every species and race
they're something kind of like the Police, but in space
They use their power ring to enforce pure justice
like when you're terrorized by a sentient fungus
It ain't easy being green, but Hal knows the score
Their sheer power of will is what makes them Hard Corps

In Brightest day, In Blackest Night
No Evil Shall Escape My Sight
To Those That Worship Evil's Might
Beware My Power, Green Lantern's Light!

So Hal joins their ranks, their first human recruit
and with the power of his mind he puts on his super suit
the ring can construct anything from your mind
it's like having some jewelry that can make CGi
it can make a giant fist to bitch slap the bad guys
or a giant sledge hammer to smash 'em down to size
in fact nothing is small, I can't think of one thing
it's like he might be trying to compensate for something
So Hal flies around but he's a bit of a tool
but the ladies who drool could fill up a Dead Pool
Carol Ferris seems to think Hal is such a smooth talker
but her leaked cell phone pics could make him a Nightstalker


Now Hal's not the only member of the Corps
there's at least 3200, others, maybe more
like Killowag, who's brute strength is so fierce
and Sinestro doesn't view Hal as his peer
but he teaches him how to supress his fear
Oh, but how can "Sinestro" be the name of a hero?
Every emotion is tied to color on the rainbow
While will power is green, well, fear is yellow
So despite all his strength
and all of his powers
He's a hero that's killed
By Golden Showers?

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