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Lyrics to Harbour Lights
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Under the cover of the night
Under a seascape of a sky
Hearts begin to slip away
Restless as the clouds
I thought the strangest thing the other day
As I looked across the water
We both stood on a floating ship
We were moving into harbour

To be that way again
Take back the words I said
There's nothing left to do

You'll walk me home
You'll walk me home

Figures drifting and departing
At a dying summer's end
Retrace their common footsteps
And try to find their way again
Through the haze of winters
When all the years have past
Where are they still walking
Together hand in hand?

The darkness of the water
The darkness of your eyes
Can't stop us spinning farther
We're sinking out of sight

You'll walk me home
You'll walk me home

Don't think you are alone
You're the only one I've known
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