Lyrics to Happy Man
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I drive an 85 Chevrolet pick up truck,
Got dust on the dash to bring her good luck.
She never breaks down, she never gives up,
Still goin' strong.
Got a job in the city, get up before dawn,
Drive 60 miles an hour to get back home.
The girl I love and a five year old,
I got no regrets, this is as good as it gets.

I'm a happy man
I've got everything I need,
Standing right in front of me.
It's a simple plan,
But it seems to work just fine.
I count my blessings all the time
For who I am,
I'm a happy man.

There's a river that runs through my back yard.
Don't know where it ends,
Don't know where it starts.
It whispers my name, and it speaks to my heart,
Like an old friend.
there's a place down by the property line,
Two young lovers made a promise one time.
They carved their initials in the side of a tree for eternity
Well baby that's you and me.


Give me faith, give me freedom,
Friends and family
Like the little gifts from heaven
Right down here with me.


Hey I'm a Happy Man.
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