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Lyrics to Hang Up Your Boots
Hang Up Your Boots Video:
What you do that's nothing new
It's all been said and done
You can do whatever you want
If it's what you call fun
You hang around with all you pals
Drinkin 'till you're beat
Dirty looks to all you pass
Walking down the street

Hang up your boots
Hang up your boots

For six (twenty) years now the same old shit
has played in every town
They talk about the same old shit
We did years before
The kids today couldn't stand one song
In the pits we had back then
But now they're older and we don't care
So now they're out again

Hang up your boots

(in the Greatist Hits, Slashes, and Crosschecks album, the lyrics are "twenty" and not "six")
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