Lyrics to Hang On To Your Ego
Hang On To Your Ego Video:
Time: 6:40
Brian Wilson/Tony Asher

This time we're going to record with a tape recorder
Brian, Brian do you want me to lay out again on that instrumental break
(You got a tape recorder in there?) and then come back in with Forrest
toward the end like before?
I'm gonna have you wail on that baby for the instrumental break, think
you can do it?
I play it straight through this time
Try to wail this thing you know
Play it loud
Hey does the union know your recording?
Here we go
This'll be wht?
Take two
Just relax me and this other cat are going to straighten you guys out
then we'll get you into world peace. Did you ever hear that album called
How To Speak Hip? Has anybody ever heard it?
What is it?
Oh, it's funny. It's How To Speak Hip by Del Close and John Brenner it
was cut in '59. It's a very funny album. Okay let's go
This is take
Take two Let Go Of Your Ego
One two, one two three

No hold it please for a minute I'll be out
Could we give it, give it a real uh, play it real good and strong this
time, we may get it real soon huh? Do you thnik we could hear a little
bit more harmonica (yeah) in that instrumental break, I don't know. This
is Let Go Of Your Libido libido take nine
One two, one two three

Thanks, that's it
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