Lyrics to Hang On Every Word
Hang On Every Word Video:
Feelings in reverse
Now I hang on every word from you
Too fast on the curve
Now I'm straining every nerve
Come through

You can only play the victim just a short amount of time
Your own wounds
You'll have to lick 'em 'til the ambulance arrives

Given all I've heard
Hang on every word
I hang

Hanging by a thread
Walking here among the dead
Pleased to meet you
What's with my chemistry?
My fallenness that strangles me
What am I crawling towards?

You can only play the hero 'til your mask begins to slip
And the fist on your bravado starts to lose its sacred grip

Wife asked the other day
"Where's your joy?
Did it slip away?"
I could say nothing
Even though I am a son, how quickly I've forgotten
But I'm yearning

You can only play the star 'til the real truth comes to light
All those hungry tabloids got you in the check-out line overnight
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