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Kid Capri

The Tape

Lyrics to Hang 'em High
Hang 'em High Video:
[news reporter]
Good evening, this is Dee Joseph for WBIZ radio
This just in -
police officials report that a six year old girl was found raped today
The girl's stepfather is the key suspect in the case
Details are still sketchy at this time
Now back to the Kid Capri radio show
How do you feel about it.. Kid Capri?

[Verse One]
Hang 'em high, let him suffer, before he die
Cause in my mind I see that little girl cry
She was abused, misused, and even sodomized
She didn't know - all of this was a surprise
So now she's scarred for life, nothin can change that
Being treated like some dog by some maniac
What type of man would want to do that to a six year old
out of all of these women that the world hold?
You coulda went to a nightclub and met a chick
Black or white, Puerto Rican, you coulda picked
Bought her a drink, took her home, and maybe got some
But you'd rather rape a baby and you think it's fun?
Now you're goin to jail, death row I hope
Before the rope when you get there, your boots'll smoke
I got somethin, to say to ya before ya die..
.. hang 'em high

[Verse Two]
My name is Kid Capri I wanna say this to y'all
Any man that rapes a woman is not a man at all
Especially a little girl that don't know nothin about that
rape, man you're a maniac
So now you're locked in a cell, what good are you now?
No friends, no freedom, and no style
Word to duke you're gettin stuck like a blister
Just for instance, that coulda been my sister
or my moms, my girl or my daughter Lou
Be glad the cops got to you before I got to you
It's a shame for a girl to be so scared
that when she walk down the block, her life is dead
Can't jog down the street, after dark
Take a look at what happened, in Central Park
A girl is runnin, while some bum is bummin
The only thing he's thinkin about is cumin
He gets his rocks off, now he feels like a man
Then he kills her, and steps off, but understand
what goes around, comes right back around
And when he's found, he's gonna get a beatdown
He tried to skip town, headed for the Northbound
Got no money so he steals and gets shot down
But don't die, so now it's gonna get rougher
Before you execute him - LET ME SEE HIM SUFFER
Give him the chair, shoot him down, let him die
Better yet, huh, hang 'em high..

[news reporter]
This just in - police officials report
that the suspect in the rape of a six year old girl
has been apprehended, and has confessed to this outrageous crime
Let's hope they really hang this guy

[Kid Capri]
Kid Capri, Silver D and Money Mark - hang 'em high!
Out! [echoes as it fades]
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