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Night Visions

Lyrics to Hands Of Magellano
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He was standing alone on the bridge of his ship
Waiting for the wind to help him away
The ancient harbor was silent
The thunder turned his feelings on and the journey began

Seven moons passed away in silence
And one night the sea tired of being ripped
Began to twist its bowels inside out
Fast clouds morphing black
Inhaling and exhaling
A white and heavy foam
From the bottom, from above
Water everywhere filling their mouths, eyes, ears, lives
The perfect trap for the brave

The hands of Magellano to steer the ship
Rumors and visions of forgotten memories
Ran free inside his eyes
Jumping back into his head to live again

In the middle of the night a star was falling down
The smiling moon, blade of the sky
Was still shining above the flat world
Alone, survivor of his thoughts
White horizon
No ship in sight for him
Deep blue cradle for the old man

Almost dead and his thoughts
Covered in sand on the black beach
The old man opened one eye
To believe he was still alive
Dazed and confused by the slap of the ocean
Last minutes of life were fading away
>From the eye that once saw the creeping thunder
Burning the sky red HIS SOUL breaks out!

The hands of Magellano to grab a hold
Onto his soul and pull himself up
Visions ran free inside his eyes
To live again

Still standing alone on the bridge of his ship
Still waiting for the wind to take him away
The fear of the storm creeping in the distance
Is still growing strong inside his eye
The ancient harbor is silent
The thunder turns his feelings on
And the journey begins

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