Lyrics to Hands Across The Sea
Hands Across The Sea Video:
Here I am alone again
floating in the ocean
or was it the sea?
I wasn't always this way
but I lost my ship mates
hands across the sea
growing up in that town
always hearin the sound
of what is dying in me
When I started to row out
always thought I'd set out
from the dock and

Here I am alone, a restless man
I talk too much
As I sit and wrestle with obscurity

Turn the pages forward
you will see
a grown man
burnt face toward the sea
He's dreaming out to no one
dreaming of salvation in all he sees
sun is setting westward
feet are sinking no where
another day is is done
wind whispers out to no one
another day is screaming
and all his hope is gone

Here I am alone again, a restlesss man
falling into nothing, sea is calm
as I sit and wrestle with obscurity

I sit and wrestle myself into obscurity
oh yeah, it's all she has
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