Lyrics to Hand Me Downs
Hand Me Downs Video:
How can I dream, How can I sing? How can I make the words I think sound beautiful when my throat is giving out on me? How can I open up your eyes and make you see?
My shoes are wearing thin and falling off of me. You say to trade them in. I've walked this part alone, maybe it's better off this way. I'm not giving into you, for giving up on me. Is it wrong that I found something that feels right for me? Is it wrong that I just want to live my life for me? This is something I can see has carried on for generations. We're not getting very far, but we're a little bit closer. through finding out who we are we get a little bit closer. And when Our throats are filled with scars, we'll scream even louder and let them all know who we are. We'll be a little bit closer.
They have no control over what we believe in, our ideas, our energy. We're on our own.

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