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Lyrics to Hammer To Fall (Musical)
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"Oh Scaramouche hör auf mit dem Scheiß, du kannst... du machst alles..." Here we stand or here we fall History won't care at all Wake the dead, fight the fight Lady Mercy won't be home tonight. CHORUS You don't waste no time at all Don't hear the bell but you answer the call It comes to you as to us all We're just waiting for the hammer to fall The hammer to fall. Oh every night and every day A little piece of you is falling away But lift your face the Western Way, babe Build your muscles as your body decays. CHORUS Rich or poor or famous For your truth it's all the same Oh no, oh no Lock your door but rain is pouring Through your window-pane Oh no Baby now your struggles all the vain. CHORUS What the hell we're fighting for? Just surrender and it won't hurt at all You just got time to say your prayers While you're waiting for the hammer to fall, The hammer to fall, The hammer to fall, The hammer, the hammer, the hammer to fall. "Give it to me one more time!" -"Vergiss es, Tussi!"

Songwriters: May, Brian Harold
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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