Lyrics to Hammer Blows
Hammer Blows Video:
Last night I stopped by your house in the rain
But I could see you weren't at home
Everything comes to a stop, appear on rocky top
Maybe I'll see you out on the road
Turn your face to the light
The wind whispers your name
Carry on into the night
It's nice to have you back in the game
We talked about your sanity, but not of your vanity
If it's all the same, we can talk talk talk 'til the end
On the road, your feet are light
They carry you into the night
I walk beside you like a true true friend
Like a good citizen, I wait for it all to explode
Turn my face to the wind, I'm just a rabbit on the road
But I'm coming home, I'll ride at dawn
I'll try to get you on the phone
My kingdom's dirty and my hands unclean
Illusion comes with no remorse
Hammer blows get heavy and they're oft unseen
But this pain is bound to run its course
It's nice to have you back
I wasn't ready for a change
Here's a present for the road
I'll give you back your name
It won't do you harm
Shine up your mails
Feel the wind in your sails
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