Lyrics to Haloed Eyes
Haloed Eyes Video:
I've tried to nail them down
but still they move
and they won't
show their faces
and I can't
grab the arms
coming from the hands
that blind my sight
to remove
the ceremonial mask

Cripple me

Never move

Haloed eyes


(Perfect this time
I can't move
I want to move
please move)

Not to shake
what they say
I cannot see
but it touches me

And with baited hands
and baited lines
churn my waters
to bring about my truth
and in the end
I can't see your eyes
and I can never justify
the way my eyes
never moved to meet yours
I can never justify
why I couldn't see you
why I've never been able to see you
I've never been able to see
why can't I see?
why can't my eyes move?

(I just couldn't
see through my

Never move

Haloed eyes
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