Lyrics to Halo
Halo Video:
I won't tell you I've got a halo
Floating above my head
And I wont sell you a different truth
Just couse you think this one is abd
Well Id rather let you know

Im not sying
Ive got the answers or a master plan
And I wont make belive that
I could do more than what iI can
Itll take some thime to mend
Id still like to be a friend

Last night the world was at peacse for a second
All had left me at ease I reckon
Now Im not feeling bitter
But I dont went to sit here, forver

I went out to walk through distant streets
And a distant mind
To invetigate what I could lose
Or what I should find
How unthinkable it seems
To let go of self-made dreams

I read some Auden poem
Just becouse I found it here
And he says our dream of safety
Has to disappear
Wasnt going to ignore
What I felt this way before

Last night the world was so wide for a minute
I was moved by a quiet moment in it
Now the way that were going
Is of mending and sewing
We are still growing

Its time to move ahead
Tonight the world is a task we have been given
To break up with our past way of Livin'
So I pick up the shatters
Blow the dust from my feathers
I feel better
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